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by Hugo Venter

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Campaign Story

So many people are struggling all over the world. At all levels of society, we feel as if our destinies are shaped by others in positions of power. We accept that this is just how the world is and we feel that there is little we can do other than to survive as best we can…

But… There is so much that can be done!

For the first time, the world has access to a technology that can fundamentally rewire the socio-economic power grid around the world. We at SIOTech World are using this technology to transform our socio-economic architecture and bring wealth to more people.

Help us to drive the fundamental changes that are needed to bring more balance and equality to people everywhere. Your contribution can help us to bring on board the best minds that will help us to leverage this technology for the benefit of all of humanity. You can contribute to our cause by buying a number of perks that we have made available, or by simply funding/backing our project.

To help you help us, we have created our own proprietary fund-raising platform and a revolutionary fund-raising mechanism that we believe is better than any ICO/STO out there today. If you choose to back this project, your funds will be managed in such a way that we will be able to return either a significant portion or a multiple thereof back to you by the end of 2020. Limited downside, but good upside potential.

We are not (yet) issuing a security or token of any kind, but when/if we do, our backers (you) who helped us get to that point will receive an inordinate amount of benefit compared to everyone else.

About this fundraising exercise

This fundraising exercise is not a securities or token offering. In our view, this exercise is even better and will set the trend for fundraising efforts in the future. This is because unlike other token offerings, we remove as much of the downside risk for you as possible. And unlike other token-issuing companies, SIOTech World will keep you abreast of how we manage your funds every step of the way.

This fundraising exercise has more similarities to the issuing of convertible loans rather than the issuing of a security or token. Key points to note are:

  • We can guarantee that you will receive a portion of your funds or possibly more than your initial funding amount, by the end of 2020.
  • In 2020, when the regulatory environment is mature enough (either in South Africa where we are based, or elsewhere in the world) and once our solution is live, we hope to publicly offer a digital asset that will be relevant and compliant to the regulations at that time. Its primary objective will be to unlock value and wealth for the users of our solution, rather than to be speculatively traded on centralized exchanges.
  • It is possible that we may follow the route of an official IPO if the cryptocurrency regulation does not progress fast enough. We will have to assess this during the course of 2020.
  • Those who choose to back this project will receive first right of refusal and a substantial discount to any public offering compared to the public at large. Furthermore, the funds that they have already placed with us during this campaign, along with any gains that may have materialized, can be used to offset the cost.

How many companies do you know that will risk making such guarantees? Traditionally, buyers of cryptocurrencies/tokens take all the risk. Token-holders have absolutely no legal recourse against the issuing company. These issuing companies protect themselves by forcing buyers to accept terms and conditions that protect the only company, not the buyer.

At SIOTech World, we share in the risk with you. And with the transparency we provide, we will be held accountable for the prudent management of your contributions.

About our solution

We at SIOTech World are raising funds to advance the development of a peer-to-peer finance platform that will allow people all over the world to freely transact with one another without the need for a middleman. It will also empower people to earn an alternative form of income if they want to. The first version of the solution will take the form of a mobile app that will:

  • Enable anyone to send money to anyone (family members, suppliers or offshore investments), anywhere in the world;
  • Enable users to provide money transfer or corporate payment services for others, earning some income in the process;
  • Allow Bitcoin hodlers (long-term holders), anywhere in the world to safely lend bitcoins to users of the app. We have created an integrated lending and transactional process that enables payment facilitators to start earning an income with minimal startup capital. At the same time, hodlers can earn interest on their long-term bitcoin holdings. You will not need to approach a bank for a business loan;
  • Allow unbanked people to send cash across borders without the need for a bank account;
  • Allow users anywhere in the world to help each other’s money to grow, based on Bitcoin price fluctuations. Up or down.

Our solution will empower people to provide financial type services freely and directly to each other, anywhere on the globe. People will not need us to intermediate or set commercial terms between them. People will not need SIOTech World to drive up sales or uptake of our app. Our app will enable a free-market economy that will provide people with enough incentives and access to a global customer base for them to do this by themselves. This is how we know that our app will succeed!

We are not a financial services or deposit-taking institution. At no time will we ever touch our users’ money or play the role of intermediary. We are not the counterparty to anyone’s transactions. This solution is the best attempt to date of a decentralized finance solution.

Bitcoin is the underlying technology. But this is much more than a cryptocurrency wallet. It is not aimed only at those already involved in cryptocurrencies. This solution is for the everyday person or business who does not have to own bitcoins to enjoy more flexibility when it comes to their hard-earned money or corporate payments.

Welcome! Crowdfunding with a difference!

We at SIOTech World are raising funds in order to:

We live in a world where:

With our solution, and with this campaign, we want to address all of these issues.

By investing in this project, not only do you enable the creation of a solution that can change the world for the better, but you also get to participate in fundraising effort where you don’t have to “be prepared to lose all of your investments. This is the usual fine-print that you don’t pay attention to when you trade on cryptocurrency exchanges or participate in ICO’s or STO’s where hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars are raised by abusing people’s FOMO.

We have extended the duration of this campaign so that it now runs up until 15 December 2019. If there are any changes to this date, we will highlight this in our Updates section.

Our overall funding goal is to reach at least $2.5m by 15 December. The more money we raise, the more we can enhance the returns to those of you who choose to invest in this beneficent cause.


What are we trying to achieve?

Our vision is to make the world a better place by leveraging our knowledge and skills in one of the greatest inventions from Computer Science, Bitcoin. Bitcoin technology allows for peer-to-peer payments between individuals, without the need for intermediating banks or card operators. Its smart contract capability allows for the disbursement of money under pre-programmed conditions. With this technology, we are building innovative new ways for everyone to participate in and benefit from the very lucrative financial services industry.

We want to catalyse major changes to the fundamental socio-economic inequalities that have plagued humanity for centuries. The world’s financial systems and related industries are extremely lucrative and are only enjoyed by the wealthy few. We want to help as many people as possible, who may not have been afforded the same opportunities as others, to enjoy a fairer share in that wealth.

We want to address problems you may be aware of…

Our financial systems are plagued with many legacy issues:

Nearly 2 billion adults in the world are unbanked

As of April 2018, roughly 1.7bn adults remain unbanked. The reality is that traditional banks run on expensive infrastructure (buildings, old IT systems, and so forth). It is therefore not profitable for banks to take on clients at the poorer end of the spectrum. With our solution, owning a bank account is not essential for some basic services such as sending money to your country. You will not even need a bank account to invest in Bitcoin.

Traditional banking can be expensive

While a competitive landscape and watchful journalists keep banks on their toes with regard to fees, other non-headline banking costs can be quite demanding on certain customer groups. For example, it is generally extremely difficult for young entrepreneurs to secure low-cost financing to start up their businesses. And the poor, because of their generally higher credit risk, will generally be charged higher interest rates on the loans provided to them. Phase 1 of our solution will provide peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending capabilities, but also lay down the foundations for more customisable, decentralized fiat lending functionality in future releases.

Only a privileged few have access to superior financial services

Only the more fortunate and/or wealthy who have the necessary minimum amounts of investment capital can afford expensive money managers and advisors to help them invest offshore or invest in facilities that are otherwise not available to the masses. With our solution, the same capability that has been built to facilitate offshore payments will be used to develop more attractive offshore investment opportunities for all users.

Wealth is concentrated in the big financial institutions

Financial institutions are able to take customers’ money, demand bank fees for holding that money and earn interest with it, by providing expensive loans to borrowers (who would include the very customers who deposited their money with the bank in the first place). But the customers do not generally benefit from interest on their bank deposits.

Financial institutions such as exchanges, brokerages or advisory firms are able to profit from your money, whether the markets move up or down. They are able to do this by charging either transaction fees or a percentage of assets or both, regardless of market movements. Our solution will provide those users who choose to provide payment and other services to people, with the same benefits. The difference is that users will negotiate fees and terms directly between themselves. There will be no intermediary that sets transaction or other fees between users.

Financial services are complex

Financial services and products are complex. People are forced to trust the financial advisors and would not know if the financial advice was skewed towards a product set for which the advisor would earn an income. Having to wade through different product options, understanding the different pricing options and benefits, or having to differentiate between product performance is complicated, arduous and time-consuming. We inevitably then just resort to following our advisors’ advice.

We are not venturing into sophisticated derivatives or other complex financial solutions. Our app will be user-friendly and guide you through all transactions in the simplest way possible.

Many intermediaries are taking a cut from what would have been the end consumer’s benefit

This is true across various financial services, whether it is investments, insurance or banking. The first phase of our solution in particular targets cross-border payments, where intermediation is rampant.  Payment systems around the world are not well integrated. Bitcoin technology is particularly powerful in this area. Bitcoin does not need banks. It does not need SWIFT. It does not depend on any traditional payment infrastructure or 3rd parties such as Visa or PayPal. Bitcoin is its own payment network.

… And those problems you may not be aware of

The majority of us are not even aware of the knock-on effects of prudential regulations that are meant to protect the integrity of our financial systems. Many of the regulations have their origins in the era of financial repression, which sought to channel as much of ordinary citizens’ wealth toward the repayment of government debt. In some countries, financial repression is still alive and well.

Many of us underestimate the negative effect of bad monetary policy, especially in a seemingly well-functioning economy. With our solution, not only do you have access to Bitcoin, which itself is currently regarded as a long-term store of value. You will also able to escape any negative impact on the value of your hard-earned money, by ‘converting’ it into a more reliable store of value in another country.

Our solution to these problems

The first phase of our solution will take the form of a mobile app that will connect you to a global user base, and will enable you to:

  • Send money to and receive money from friends/family/customers/suppliers anywhere in the world;
  • Do so safely and securely;
  • Buy/sell cryptocurrencies;
  • Safely lend bitcoins to help facilitate transactions while earning interest; and
  • Grow your hard-earned (fiat) money safely and securely by earning a return from bitcoin (BTC) price fluctuations, up or down.

Please note that even though our app will allow you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, we do not specifically endorse or support any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.

How does it work?

SIO currently makes use of conventional API’s to plug into an exchange with global reach in order for you to to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency holdings. More exchanges and peer-to-peer capabilities will be added in future. There is no rocket science here.

We have spec’d, built and tested a revolutionary capability that will allow our users to earn a return in their domestic currency based on Bitcoin price volatility. It is based on a transactional mechanism that we are in the process of patenting. As part of Phase 2, we will enable ‘plug-ins’ that will allow those of you who love trading and building trading bots, to bolster our transactional engine in order to generate even more gains for our users.

The payments module makes use of Bitcoin technology to facilitate the transfer of value between any sender and receiver, regardless of the countries they are in. It makes use of a very simple principle:

  1. The sender converts domestic currency into a specific number of bitcoins.
  2. Ownership of the bitcoins is transferred to the recipient.
  3. The recipient converts the bitcoins into his/her domestic currency

However, SIO uses a hedging mechanism in the background that ensures that the recipient ends up with the right amount of domestic currency, regardless of any BTC price fluctuations or differences in the value of BTC between the 2 countries. Many remittance startups have tried to use this simple principle to facilitate money transfers. However, their successes have been limited, primarily because they were not able to overcome the ‘last mile’ problem. We have.

The following video provides some insight into our app as it currently stands. We are in the process of patenting our IP. We will therefore only release more details later once the patent process is completed, and the solution is ready to be tested in full.

What makes SIO different?

SIO is more decentralized than other applications claim to be.

The most important feature of our solution is that it will probably be the most decentralized financial application the world has to date. Users will transact directly with each other, peer-to-peer. The users will determine and agree on the commercial details (the payment amount, the fees, the foreign exchange rate, etc.) of the transaction. There is no bank, payment gateway or financial intermediary involved that manages the commercial terms on behalf of the participants.

Not even our company plays any intermediary type role in the transactions. Our company does not accept any money or bitcoins, does not set the financial terms between participants, and is not the counterparty to any of the transactions. We remain neutral. All we do is manage a global system that connects users and that allows them to conduct commerce on their own terms.

Yes, there will be centralized structures such as banks and cryptocurrency exchanges involved in the process. And yes, they will charge fees for their role in the process. But for as long as fiat money remains the dominant basis for commerce, we will not be able to avoid working through these institutions entirely. And at the intersection where Bitcoin meets fiat, the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction will have to be applied. However, other typical centralized structures and systems such as correspondent banks and the SWIFT network that are used for cross-border payments, are bypassed.

You don’t need to understand or own Bitcoin to benefit from the solution

All types of users will gain benefit from our solution. Not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Everyone can benefit, including:

  • People or businesses who need to send money to other countries, but who do not own or have no interest in Bitcoin
  • People who want to benefit (in their domestic currency) from the BTC price movements, but who do not want to trade themselves

SIO works independently of the price of Bitcoin

The cross-border payments facility is completely independent of the price of Bitcoin. As mentioned above, it has a built-in mechanism that hedges away the Bitcoin price fluctuations so that recipients still receive the amount of money that they agreed to with the sender.

We are not creating a new currency

Unlike Facebook’s Libra or Ripple’s XRP, we have not created a new currency or token to enable cross-border payments. We are using Bitcoin technology for this. We will not be involved in managing the money supply of any currency in any form whatsoever. It is our every intention to stay away from all the controversial matters in the crypto space so that we can get on with the task of helping people.

What sets our solution apart from the rest?

We believe that our solution is superior for a number of reasons:

  • It is based on Bitcoin, which to date is the most secure, decentralized, censorship-resistant and robust cryptocurrency network in the world.
  • The success of our solution is not strongly tied to our own marketing efforts. Instead, it will be driven by everyone around the world who will use it for their own benefit. And,
  • This is a solution for everyone, not just crypto enthusiasts.

Unlike other cryptocurrency networks, Bitcoin is extremely formidable, and almost unstoppable by tyrannical governments. Please read here for more information. It is for this reason that our solution is based on Bitcoin technology.

Our solution is also one that can grow virally, without our company having to market it for the long term. It has been designed in such a way that many different types of users are able to play a role and benefit in different ways, creating a stronger and stronger network on its own. Our solution will drive a network effect, where all kinds of users with different objectives can come together and create a groundswell of uptake.

Very importantly, our solution will clearly demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how powerful a peer-to-peer network can be. For the first time, people around the world will be able to clearly identify any attempt to replicate a solution such as ours, but where wealth is being concentrated at some kind of corporate centre. Just about anyone will know when the developers of a solution are more set on their own capitalist intent, rather than sharing and generating value for everyone.

We also have a dedicated and passionate team. To see why click here.

Want to know more about how far we have progressed and what’s ahead? Click here for details about our Roadmap.

Have any questions

Check out the answers to our frequently asked questions by clicking here

How can you benefit by investing in us?

The most important differentiating feature of this fundraising exercise is the value and downside protection you receive for your contribution. Unlike the process of buying a property, shares or tokens, where you take the loss if the asset loses value, we will employ a transparent fund management process to minimise the loss on your funds in the absolute worst case that the project is not completed due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if/when we succeed, the upside potential for anyone getting into this now will be nothing short of phenomenal.


A more detailed breakdown of the benefits we offer is outlined under the main ‘What’s in it for you?‘ tab at the very top. But here is a summary.

By backing this cause, you can benefit in a number of ways:

  1. You get to be part of the group that enabled the completion of a revolutionary solution that will enable income generation for users, including you! You will also be able to enjoy the other monetary freedoms that will be enjoyed through the use of our solution.
  2. You can use your contribution to receive very specific perks such as specialised cryptocurrency and related content, as well as marketing exposure.
  3. You can have your funds directed to the funding of this project, and in return, you will receive a portion of your funds but more likely a much larger amount, back by the end of 2020. Unlike other token issuing companies that will leave the risk of your investment entirely with you (in other words, they are not obliged to return your contributions if they liquidate for whatever reason), we will share in that risk with you. You can, therefore, view your contribution to the backing of our project as similar to the purchase of a convertible loan. You will get back a multiple of your contribution, or you can opt to use it to purchase a security at preferential rates when we go public.
  4. If and when we do a formal securities or token offering, you, our backers will receive first right-of-refusal to our offering and will be able to participate for at least 50% less than the public offering. Currently, we envisage this taking place in H2 2020.
  5. You can earn referral fees by earning a portion of the contributions made by those you managed to get to contribute to this fundraising campaign.

You can view this as backing a very sound business and a team who has a track record for delivery:

  1. We have already built more than 60% of the solution
  2. We will not hide behind shady and one-sided terms and conditions. You will always have a line of sight over how we are managing your funds.
  3. We will provide as much transparency as humanly possible at all times. For example, the depth of the management information we provide to you will be affected by the number of MI staff we’ll be able to employ.
  4. Just as we are openly sharing all our cost and revenue projections inside this c, at quite a granular level, we will continue to do so during the development and testing of the solution and beyond.
  5. This solution, once completed, will be so revolutionary that we as SIOTech World will not even have to actively market it. It will bring so much benefit to people that our users will drive its adoption all on their own.

The risk-reward profiles of cryptocurrencies (excluding Bitcoin) are extremely high. Yet, ICO’s, and more recently STO’s (security token offerings) have been an extremely easy way for tech start-ups to raise capital. Unfortunately, not everyone wins in the process of buying tokens. The overall cryptocurrency market value tanked since the epic highs of late 2017, and Bitcoin dominance is now in the region of 70%. We are all too familiar with the negative stigma and challenges associated with token offerings. More than a year ago, we published an article definitively stating that ICOs were an easy fund-raising platform for companies with extremely weak business cases, and that token values would dwindle. Our prediction came to pass.

More people lost rather than gained by participating in tokens

A recent tally shows that 55% of 2018’s failed crypto projects were launched through an ICO in 2017. In another study, New York-based Satis Group LLC showed that roughly 80% of ICO’s conducted in 2017 are scams. If you would like to know more about the major class-action law-suits, this article is a good and short read.

According to the article, “a common theme in many of these lawsuits is the plaintiff’s allegations that digital tokens are securities and should be marketed in strict compliance with securities regulations in the US. Another common theme is an allegation of fraud and misrepresentation, going after original representations in the White Paper and the actual status of product development at the time of litigation.”

Token-buyers/investors have no recourse if they are scammed

We urge you to please take a look at the terms and conditions of any ICO, STO or any cryptocurrency exchange. You will consistently see that they completely absolve themselves from all risks that arise from participation in cryptocurrencies. This risk is all with you. Add to this the fact that either there are no solid fundamentals (as is the case with non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies) or too little disclosure of the fundamentals (as is typically the case with STO’s), the risk-reward ratios, in our opinion, are just too high.

We have come so far, but regulators still do not have a good handle on how to regulate this space. As far as some regulators are concerned, “cryptocurrencies cannot be regulated because they are decentralized”. This is ludicrous. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency network that cannot be regulated. But it is just a matter of time before regulators get to grips with this and start holding token-issuing companies accountable. We have in fact tried to work with our local regulator in order to assist them with the establishment of their regulatory frameworks.

It is because the regulatory space is not matured enough yet, that we did not follow the route of an ICO or STO. Furthermore, we will only consider issuing a utility token mid-next year once our solution is live, has credibility and gains traction. Our vision is to have this utility token enable users to run our software on a distributed basis all over the globe, in order to generate income for those users. However, at this point, we are not ruling out any other possibilities. For example, if progress here in South Africa is too slow, we may issue a tokenized security in another country where there are rock-solid regulations with which we can comply, for your protection as well as ours.

So how is this safer?

Raising all of these issues is not meant to serve as an inducement for you to back our project. Even if you decide not to back us, hopefully, this campaign will have alerted you to the dangers of ICO’s/ STO’s, thereby having served some good. For now, we are not issuing a token, the value of which (if it gets to be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange) is determined by an uninformed public that simply trades on a speculative basis.

However, if you do decide to back our project, we will provide you with the following benefits in return for your contribution:

  • Actual value (content, marketing, and other partnership opportunities.)
  • Assurance that the downside risk of your contribution is minimised, and
  • Those who have backed us during this campaign will get early access, first right of refusal and discounted pricing (at least 50%) on whatever the digital asset or security we issue in future.

In our view, therefore, the risk-reward ratio for your contribution to our campaign is much better.

How can you benefit from helping us?

By backing this cause, you can benefit in a number of ways:

  1. You enable the completion of a revolutionary solution that will enable income generation for users, including you. You will also be able to enjoy the other monetary freedoms that will be enjoyed through the use of our solution.
  2. You can use your contribution to buy very specific perks, as outlined below.
  3. You can have your funds directed to the funding of this project, and in return, you are guaranteed to receive a portion of your funds or possibly a larger amount, by the end of 2020.
  4. You can earn referral fees by earning a portion of the contributions made by those you brought into this fundraising campaign.

How do I contribute?

Here is how you can contribute to our cause, and how you can benefit. This campaign will run for a limited time only, up until 25 October. By this time, we need to have raised a minimum of roughly $2.5m USD (R36m) in order to properly staff the project and simultaneously guarantee roughly half of your contributions. While it is not ideal, we will be able to take the product live with a minimum amount of about $1m, but over a longer timeframe. And we will not be able to provide a strong guarantee that a sizeable portion of your funds will be returned to you. Unfortunately, we cannot issue any kind of security/stock/token as a benefit during this funding round, but as we indicate below, investors are welcome to contact us to explore synergies. You can contribute to our cause in the following ways:

These options are conceptually illustrated below. The prices below do not include the fees taken by the payment service providers when you make your contribution. Those additional payment fees do not come to us, and cannot be avoided. Unless you contribute with bitcoins. We have, though, taken those fees into account when we set the the pricing below. For more information, please look at our FAQs.

Please note that the pricing may change during the course of this campaign. For example, if there is significant demand for our content or presence on our social media, the minimum contribution amounts may increase during the course of the campaign. The campaign ends on 25 October 2019.

You get to enjoy the benefits of the solution

Our team has made tremendous progress in the development of the solution already, but we still have so much more to do before this is production-ready. Once it is ready, you too will be able to benefit from it, even if you do not help us with a contribution:

You will get these benefits from just being able to use the app:

  • Send money to your home country, pay your offshore suppliers, and after Phase 2, be able to place your savings offshore where you believe the currency is more favourable than your own;
  • As a business, the app will allow you to lock in an exchange rate without the need for any foreign exchange contracts with a treasury;
  • Buy or sell cryptocurrencies; and so much more.

With our app, you will be able to build an alternative income stream for yourself:

  • You will have access to a global customer base. And this will be a base of customers needing transactional assistance in their traditional currency, not just cryptocurrency.
  • You will be able to generate wealth for other customers, and as a result, they will come looking for you!
  • We will provide you with all kinds of tools to help you grow your earnings. These will include revenue optimisation guides, slide decks, templates and sales guides to help you go and find new business, and much more.

But we do need your help. Without your help, this solution will not become available to the world. We are a small South African based company, and a frequently-publicised fact is that small businesses here frequently fail because they are not easily able to find start-up capital. We are unfortunately not in the heart of Silicon Valley where there is much more wealth and VC funders looking for good start-ups.

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Flexible Donations

  1. You can make a simple donation, of any amount that you are comfortable with. We recommend a minimum of $5 USD, because the fees that will be incurred when you make the payment, and the fees incurred by us when withdrawing the funds from our payment partners will eat away at this contribution.
  2. The donation can be with bitcoins or normal currency.
  3. For just a simple, small donation, you will be included in our ‘funders community and be able to see all our news and project updates whenever you want. You will be kept abreast every step of the way.
  4. No specific rewards or perks are attached to a donation. However, during the process of making the donation, we will present you with the appropriate rewards. Just in case you have a change of heart. And the fee for those additional paid-for rewards will reduce as your donation amount increases.
  5. If you would like to know more about these rewards, more details are provided in the other contribution options below.

Become Bitcoin and payments savvy (A)

  1. For this benefit, the minimum contribution is $19. However, we would appreciate any additional donation you are willing to make during the checkout process. For $19, you will receive:
    1. A once-off benefit of access to 1 of the 4 premium reports that we will be made available by end-September. Click here to see which reports you will be able to enjoy. Please be aware that professional reports like these can be rather expensive. Similarly, management consultants will charge heavily for their IP. We, however, do want to educate the world, which is why we will make these available at such low prices. We would, therefore, appreciate any additional donation you feel you can make.
    2. For an additional $14, you get a once-off benefit of access to a second special report.
    3. In this category, you are limited to 2 reports in total. If you would like to have access to more reports, please consider the next contribution option which will offer more content value for your contribution amount.
    4. For your contribution, we will also provide you with visibility by publicly acknowledging you and your contribution on our Contribution Wall. The bigger your total contribution amount (which you can increase by providing an additional donation at the end of the check out process), the higher up you will be posted, thereby enjoying more visibility on our wall.
  1. If you have made a contribution, and also want to use the app to grow your alternative income stream once it is live, you will enjoy the following benefits:
    1. You will have early access to the app and all future releases to test-drive and provide input prior to the actual release.
    2. Free access to exclusive training webinars that will teach you how to grow your customer base, how to optimise the revenue you earn from your customers, how to manage compliance and regulation, and much more.
    3. We will provide you with templates for your website that you can customise and use for your own business purposes.
    4. We will promote you on our website and social media pages based on how well you service your customers, how you have grown their wealth, or how much costs you have saved them. Naturally, we can only commit to these benefits if we meet our minimum target for the amount of money we need to raise ($1m). Without the necessary funds, there may not be a final product.

Stay ahead of the pack. Become a Bitcoin and Payments Guru (B)

  1. You can stay ahead of the pack by making a minimum contribution of $29, along with any additional donation you are comfortable with, at the end of the check out process. For this minimum amount of $29, you will receive:
    1. A once-off benefit of access to 2 of the reports that we will publish in by the end of September. Click here to see which reports you will be able to enjoy.
    2. You will receive an ongoing benefit of 100% off any special reports we produce in future.
  1. For every additional $12, you will get access to another of the four special reports.
  2. As above, we will also provide you with visibility by publicly acknowledging you and your contribution on our list of backers (like a Contribution Wall). The bigger your total contribution amount (which you can increase by providing an additional donation at the end of the check out process), the higher up you will be posted, thereby enjoying more visibility on our wall.
  3. We will also Tweet your contribution to the world with up to 3 hashtags of your choosing.
  4. We are able to boost your online presence if you need. So if you would like even more online visibility on our other social media, consider the next contribution option that will offer you more marketing value for your contribution.
  5. If you have made a contribution, and also want to use the app to grow your alternative income stream once it is live, you will enjoy the following benefits:
    1. You will have early access to the app and all future releases to test drive and provide input prior to the actual release.
    2. Free access to exclusive training webinars that will teach you how to grow your customer base, how to optimise the revenue you earn from your customers, how to manage compliance and regulation, and much more.
    3. We will provide you with templates for your website that you can customise and use for your own business purposes.
    4. We will promote you on our website and social media pages based on how well you service your customers, how you have grown their wealth, or how much costs you have saved them.
    5. Naturally, we can only commit to these benefits if we meet our minimum target for the amount of money we need to raise ($1m). Without the necessary funds, there may not be a final product.

Boost your online presence and brand awareness (C)

  1. For a minimum of $49, you can boost your personal or company’s online presence by purchasing access to our social media. For this minimum amount of $49, you will receive all the benefits outlined above. However, you will also enjoy visibility our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages on which you will be promoted.
  2. For every additional $7, an additional social media platform will be made available to promote your online presence.
  3. If you represent a company, or you run your own business, and you have a solution or product that you wish to promote, you can make a contribution to our project and receive exposure on our social media pages, as well as our website, depending on how much you contribute. Your company name, logo and link to your website will be displayed on our wall and social media pages for the duration of this campaign.
  4. The degree of exposure that you or your company will enjoy will also be based on how much you contribute relative to other contributors. For example:
    1. If your company has contributed the most, you or your company logo will appear at the very top of our Contribution Wall for others to see (above all the others where you would have to scroll down to see them).
    2. For generous contributions, we can pin tweets for you, tag you on our Instagram profile, and so forth.
  5. We will provide you with complete transparency so that you are able to see who else has contributed and why your own brand may enjoy less visibility.

Partner with us to drive change (D)

SIOTech World still has a long road before we can fully launch our product. If you and/or your company contribute to this campaign, we will be happy to include you in our list of preferred business partners going forward. We have created a total of 200 opportunity slots. Each opportunity slot represents a ‘preferred business partner’ candidate in the list of preferred business suppliers that we will create and maintain for the duration of this campaign. The contribution for this reward consists of:

  • A base contribution that gives you access to all the benefits outlined above. In addition, there is also…
  • A category-specific contribution. The contribution that is required in order to partner with us depends on the specific business area, the skill sets involved and the overall size of the effort involved. These are outlined below.

Please note that the base contribution and category-specific contribution will be set low for the first 25 opportunity slots only. Thereafter, we will have to increase the contribution per slot as it will not be financially viable for our small team to have so many different suppliers to work with.

For the first 25 opportunity slots, the base price will be $69 and will provide you with all the benefits outlined above (at no cost additional cost). However, in order to partner with us, you need to select the relevant category of business you are in. We foresee (for now) that we’ll need to engage the following services from different service providers (these will not be mutually exclusive and there can be overlap):

  1. Creative design and development companies for the creation of our product logo, our product website and all the supporting user guides that will accompany the product. $39 for the first 25 slots.
  2. Software development companies who have the necessary skills (Bitcoin, Multisig, Lightning, C#, .net, SQL and React Native will be essential) and who help us to complete the core solution and back-end operational capability. $159 for the first 25 slots.
  3. Venture capital firms, angel investors or other funding institutions. In the last year, our team’s time has been severely impacted by protracted investment and funding discussions that did not materialize. Unless you are a seasoned cryptocurrency and payments professional, funding discussions with us will be rather lengthy. We are there not willing to engage in any discussions with any potential investor unless they make a minimum contribution of $349. As above, this will only apply to the first 25 slots.
    1. This is not a securities or token-issuing exercise. But we recognize that some of you may want to explore partnership or revenue-sharing options. We will therefore only explore these discussions privately, and not via this crowdfunding initiative.
    2. Also, to minimise our team being distracted by such discussions, we will only explore opportunities if you are willing and able to invest at least $100k into a partnership or similar arrangement. We need to have as much of our time devoted to the project as possible.
    3. We will go through the process of vetting you or your company as part of exploring synergies.
  4. Of course, you are welcome to purchase more than one slot. So in that regard, we will also give you a relative ranking or score, based on the number of slots and size of your contribution. And this will be transparent for all to see. How much you contribute will not guarantee that we partner with you. But it will most definitely be a consideration. We will not forget those who helped us during our time of need.
  5. Being a preferred business partner means that you will become part of an exclusive group that will be able to tender for the remaining work that is required to take our solution live (and very likely, the ongoing development, maintenance and marketing post Phase 1 as well).

Please contact us if you believe you have an alternative, mutually beneficial proposal that is not included in this campaign. For example, we would be happy to engage with business partners who want to join forces to produce and distribute product-branded merchandise. But it is still too early to properly specify this reward. We will, therefore, deal with these on a case-by-case basis.

Affiliate perks:

If you want to earn some revenue in the process of helping us, sign up as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you will be entitled to a portion of the total contributions that were made by those contributors that you brought to us. We will offer your a favourable contribution rate of 10% up until 16 September. To learn how to become and earn revenue as an affiliate, please look at our FAQs for details.

Sign up as an Affiliate  HERE.

Who is SIOTech World (SIO)?2019-09-17T16:42:45+02:00

We are a South African registered technology company. We are focused on Bitcoin and blockchain technology solutions and offer related advisory services. Led by a passionate and experienced team, we are dedicated to revolutionising the world of financial services through education and building solutions that will enable more equality between ordinary people and the traditional wardens of financial power.

SIOTech World (SIO) is currently developing a technology platform that will provide cryptocurrency, payment and other finance-related services. The past few months were spent developing a Proof of Concept for a set of products and we are now on the cusp of launching a significant challenge to the status quo that will usher in new ways of transacting in the global village.

What products and services do SIO offer?2019-09-17T16:46:06+02:00

The team at SIOTech World (SIO) has the expertise and experience in banking, asset management, insurance, technology, cryptocurrency and a host of other areas to provide unbiased and fact-based advisory services for crypto-related endeavours.

In addition, we are developing a peer-to-peer finance solution with an innovative set of products that addresses the exclusionary aspects and other shortcomings of traditional financial services. Our solution is built on top of the Bitcoin base layer and the current fiat monetary systems to help ordinary people do the following:

  1. Transfer money easily and cheaply between each other no matter where in the world they may find themselves
  2. Grow their money automatically, based on bitcoin price fluctuations. Up or down.
  3. Start their own business, earn fees and in the process:
    1. help communities send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world
    2. become part of a global network that:
      1. Helps long-term bitcoin holders earn interest on their bitcoins
      2. Helps people make money from the bitcoin price movements
  4. Become part of a global, decentralised lending network and earn interest on their bitcoins a secure environment
  5. Buy, sell and/or trade a range of cryptocurrencies

Decentralised savings and other products are in the pipeline for Phase 2.

What does SIO not do?2019-09-07T13:27:50+02:00


  • A cryptocurrency or any other kind of regulated exchange
  • A bank or deposit-taking institution
  • An intermediary

In terms of the solution we are building, SIO will NOT

  • Act as a custodian for cryptocurrencies
  • Receive or hold users’ money in its own accounts (whether fiat or cryptocurrency)
  • Offer financial advisory services or investment advice
  • Set the commercial terms between participants
Why is SIO raising money through crowdfunding rather than through venture capitalists?2019-09-17T11:47:14+02:00

For the last year, our team has sunk an inordinate amount of time into discussions with potential investors. This time could have been focussed on making more progress with our solutions. While some of our investment discussions were fruitful, many others were not. In fact, we had progressed as far as finalizing contracts with two very wealthy investors, only to have their commitments to us reneged on. Getting new potential investors to get to grips with the complexity and immensity of what we are doing is extremely time-consuming.

We need additional funding in order to recruit the best minds and to build a viable and sustainable business that can provide significant benefits to a global user base. It is exceptionally difficult for small businesses here in South Africa to find start-up capital. We have had some successes in securing funds, but also many failures. And the ongoing investment-related discussions with potential funders have taken a significant portion of our time, which could have been devoted to the development of our solution. We have therefore resorted to this crowdfunding campaign as an alternative means to secure the much-needed funds.

All contributions will be directed towards product development and building a sustainable business operation that can support the running and ongoing development of the solution.

At the highest level, our product development and distribution across the globe will take place in three phases:

  1. Phase 1 (Q2 2020)
    1. Global P2P and B2B (SMME) remittances
    2. Bitcoin Lending
    3. Investment/Money Growth/CashExpander
  2. Phase 2 (Q3/4. 2020)
    1. Full B2B and currency hedging capability
    2. Offshore currency exposure
  3. Phase 3 (2020-21)
    1. A broader suite of decentralized lending and savings products
    2. Decentralized insurance (still to be confirmed)

During the last 10 months, we have spent in excess of ZAR3m (>$200k USD) in developing the Proof of Concept (POC). This includes a workable app that successfully executes peer-to-peer payments on the Bitcoin testnet.

We now need funding to refine our current modules, build and test the remaining modules, put in place a solid business operation to support the solution once it goes live, and to SCALE it across the globe.

Is this an ICO, STO, IEO or any form of securities offering?2019-10-25T18:10:05+02:00

This fundraising campaign is not a securities or token offering of any kind. The legal determination of whether an activity is deemed to be a securities offering varies across countries. Furthermore, the definition of a security can be very broad. But generally, the common themes for determining whether something constitutes a securities offering include:

  • A securities offering is  “a contract, transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise”, for example, SIO, and “is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party.”
  • A security would be some form of tradeable financial asset. This could be a (dematerialized) share certificate, debt instrument or (cryptocurrency) token that can be traded in any kind of secondary market.

With this crowdfunding effort, SIO is not offering any equity, tokens or opportunity to participate in the future earnings of the company in exchange for your contributions. Donations that are freely given are therefore out of this scope.  Contributions for paid-for benefits accrue rewards that are not tied to the profits we will generate through our own marketing efforts.

While those contributors who back our project may have expectations of future profits, two considerations apply:

  • The ‘profits’ that funders expect will be a once-off arrangement in December 2020. There would be no ongoing dividend or interest payments. This is more akin to a loan with a once-off interest payment.
  • The platform we are building is one that benefits from network effects. The profits generated will not be strongly tied to SIO’s marketing efforts, especially in the long-run.

Having said all this, when the regulatory environment is mature enough, in South Africa or elsewhere, we may do some form of securities/token offering, by following robust regulations to ensure our company and your securities/tokens are protected.

We are, however, open to offline private-equity or similar discussions with serious investors.


What will the funds raised by SIO be used for?2019-09-17T17:04:34+02:00

The funds we raise will essentially be used to hire more people and scale up our business sufficiently to take the product live. More specifically, if we only raise the absolute minimum of $1m USD, the money will be used to fund the following:

  1. 72% Remuneration
    1. At an absolute minimum, we need 17 development and support staff including, but not limited to management, IT development and support staff, business analysts and product owners, customer support staff, financial managers, a compliance officer, and PR and marketing staff – these are services type products that require specialist skillsets.
    2. Potentially recruiting 30 in-country agents who will do direct marketing and product take-on in designated countries/corridors. This will depend on how much money we raise.
  2. 15% Specialist Advisory Services
    1. Legal – regulatory compliance and risk management, patent and copyright protection, amongst others
    2. Creative design and marketing support – services will be obtained from agencies with a global reach and understanding of multi-cultural marketing and language complexities
    3. Development services – we will continue partnering with specialist development companies
    4. Structuring services – specialist services for structuring our services across multiple jurisdictions
  3. 3% Infrastructure and Offices
    1. We are leasing offices rather than incurring expensive set-up costs. The money is rather being spent on taking the product to market
    2. Leased infrastructure including hardware to defray capital outlay.

We anticipate being live by Q2 2020 and being cashflow positive within 4 months from launch with break-even being estimated at no more than 150,000 customers. This is actually a conservative estimate. The summary of our initial projections is presented below.




How will SIO responsibly manage my contributions?2019-09-17T12:11:15+02:00

The following diagram conceptually illustrates how we will manage your contributions towards the development of our solution:

In essence, we will place all the funds that are raised in a safe, interest-bearing investment vehicle, and attempt to use only the interest that is earned from those funds, to fund our project. Naturally, the more funds we raise, the easier it becomes for our team to only use the interest earned each month, without dipping into the principal amount. Thereafter, we will be in a position to return the principal amount.

The following caveats/assumptions are extremely important to take note of:

  1. The more funds we raise, the more interest is earned. By implication, the less of the principal amount will be required to fund our daily project needs.
  2. The calculator shown on the ‘Contribute’ tab runs on the following assumptions:
    1. A uniform interest rate of 5%, ZAR (South African Rands), which is easily available from any banks’ money-market offerings.
    2. A consistent exchange rate of ZAR/USD = 15.
    3. While our financial model caters for it, our calculator assumes none of the funds are placed in a higher-yield investment vehicle.
  3. There are risks to deviations in the assumptions, which we will transparently manage and share with you:
    1. We are heading towards turbulent economic times, and there are the possibilities of exchange rates deviating substantially from our assumption.
    2. Interest rates are not likely to be stable, given all of the rate-cutting activity priced into global markets.
  4. Our calculator shows the range of values based on the following scenarios:
    1. The best-case assumes that we generate revenue in May 2020. A higher return and a higher guarantee (depending on how much funds we raise in total) becomes possible.
    2. The worst-case assumes that we are delayed and only generate revenue from September 2020 onwards. In this scenario, the portion or multiple of the funds we can return to you will be less.
How far have you progressed? What is your product roadmap?2019-10-27T16:39:18+02:00

Project Highlights to date:



Product Roadmap:



Product Launch Timeline:

Has anyone done this before?2019-09-17T16:41:03+02:00

A number of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology start-up companies have attempted to solve the cross-border payment problems. Their successes have been varied, but they have not completely solved the problem. There are a number of reasons why they have not been hugely successful:

  • They are still building their solutions on top of the existing payment rails.
  • Some companies such as Ripple, are attempting to replace existing legacy systems within the existing payments paradigm, rather than changing the entire payments paradigm.
  • The majority of them issue tokens to raise capital, and in the process end up with at least two problems:
    • At some point, they will have to face securities regulatory challenges.
    • They will not be able to escape those regulatory challenges because they use centralized business models, as opposed to Bitcoin.

The major differences with SIO are:

  1. We are building an entirely new business model. The only time our solution interacts with any traditional financial institution is when bitcoin-to-fiat conversions (and vice-versa) are required.
  2. We are not issuing or utilising any tokens whatsoever. We use Bitcoin technology. And our solution is not tied to the price of BTC.

We are building a decentralised, global peer-to-peer (P2P, B2B, C2B and B2C) community of users who will be able to provide financial services assistance to one another.

How sure are you that what you are building is not illegal or will not create backlash from the regulators?2019-09-07T12:55:06+02:00

It is important to understand that the cross-border payment components of our solution are not enabling anything new. Regulators around the world ‘understand’ that cryptocurrencies enable new means of cross-border payments outside of their fiat monetary system. This is of real concern to them, and many of them are at different levels of maturity in terms of understanding how they can regulate this type of activity.

The actual fact is that only Bitcoin (and possibly a handful of other cryptocurrency networks) is formidable enough to withstand all kinds of regulatory pressure. Central banks do not yet realize that they can actually regulate the bulk of the other cryptocurrencies.

We have devised our transactional processes in such a way that cross-border regulations do not apply (regardless of what any regulator may say). Furthermore, all our users (except for those who only deal in cash) will by default have complied with their own domestic regulatory requirements. They would have had to go through some kind of KYC or another process in order to open a bank account for example. With just that one mechanism, our solution is compliant.

It is also important to note that for non-cash users, transactions will be traceable. The onus will, therefore, remain with our users to not facilitate any cross-border transactions that are part of anything illegal.

Why is your team more likely to succeed than others? What expertise/experience do you have?2019-09-07T14:08:04+02:00

The organisation draws upon the extensive industry experience of its CEO and Executive team. Its strategies have evolved from an in-depth understanding of financial services products and how emerging technologies can shape and disrupt these to the benefit of larger sections of society. The track records that accompany these experiences add to the confidence and ability to drive the company and its innovations towards success.

 Invest with confidence: Our Expertise and Experience

  1. Project & Programme Management
    1. Creation of a corporate bank that cost R240m and involved 115 consulting resources.
    2. Implementation of a Health Information System across 41 hospitals – R300m – >250 local and international consultants
  2.  Banking
    1. Innovation: Driving a large Bank to be the first issuer of EMV (Chip & Pin) cheque cards and a pioneer in online banking functionality in South Africa.
    2. Increasing profits: Increasing the profits in a Bank’s biggest BU from R1.7bn to R2.9bn in 2 years, with the highest cheque account market share in the ‘Consumer’ segment and the highest market share of Cheque card transactions in South Africa. Implemented efficiencies decreased the cost-to-income ratio from 64% to less than 50%.
    3. Industry knowledge: Representing a Bank on the two major interbank payment bodies – The Card Strategy Forum and the EPC (Electronic, Paper and Cash) Strategy Forum leading to an understanding of payment-related interoperability challenges between issuing and acquiring banks, the central bank, card operators and other payment service providers.
    4. Achieving success: Winner of a Bank’s innovation prize for three consecutive years for designing, building and extracting maximum value from ground-breaking innovations. The Bank was subsequently awarded the ‘Most Innovative Bank in the World’ title for two years.
  3. Insurance & Other
    1. Pioneering the first online medical underwriting platform in SA
    2. Industry-first product innovations in the retirement fund space that increased assets under management by 30% in just over 2 years.
    3. Claims transformation programme for SA’s largest P&C insurer.
    4. Experience in:
      1. Corporate Treasury operations front, middle and back-office systems.
      2. Derivative instruments and ‘behind-the-scenes’ operations that support large, cross-border corporate payments.
      3. Trading in equities, single stock futures and more recently Bitcoin.

See About Us to meet the Executive team

How do I contribute or invest in this project and what fees do I incur?2019-10-25T18:05:47+02:00

You can contribute to our cause in 3 different ways:

  1. You can simply make a donation if you believe that we are doing the right thing, but you are not interested in benefiting from your donation;
  2. You can buy specific, paid-for benefits such as content or marketing exposure; or
  3. You can back our project by contributing at least $100, in return for which we will return either a portion, all or most likely a multiple of your contribution by the end of December 2020.

If you choose to back our cause in any of the above ways, you will be able to pay in any of the following ways:

  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Send bitcoins

In order to accept payments from you, we have to use card processing companies and payment gateways. These credit card processors and payment gateways will always add their own set of fees to any transaction. Those fees are not charged by SIOTech World, and we have no control over those. Here is a breakdown for each of our  payment gateway providers:

Our bitcoin donation functionality only incurs mining charges as per the nature of Bitcoin.

Are you willing to consider venture capital or other types of funding?2019-09-17T13:45:45+02:00

We are certainly open to having discussions with anyone who has the capital and willingness to invest. However, we have been disappointed by many potential investors before, and will therefore not entertain any discussions where investors do not have the minimum capital amount of $100k or are not serious about partnering with us.

We have stipulated a minimum ‘show of good faith’ contribution amount of $349 USD that you need make before we will even consider you as a potential partner. This is to give us the assurance that you are serious about having discussions with us.

Furthermore, you need to thoroughly familiarise yourself with the contents of this campaign, and possibly some of the content on our website prior to any discussions with us. We are all professionals, and we expect you to do your preparation upfront. This will ensure that our discussions are as productive as possible.

How do I become a SIO Crowdfunding Affiliate?2019-10-01T16:04:08+02:00

In order to assist us with our fundraising effort and earn some revenue in the process, you can do so by becoming an affiliate of ours. Affiliates must have a PayPal account through which we can pay your referral fees to you. If you do not have a PayPal account, but want to join our crowdfunding affiliate programme, simply go to PayPal’s home page and create an account. Thereafter you can register with us to become part of our crowdfunding affiliate programme and help us change the world.

New affiliates can join our programme by registering here:

Once you are in the dashboard, you can click on the ‘Generate Link’ link on the right to generate a unique referral URL that you can share with others. Anyone that uses this URL to access our campaign and make a contribution, will be assigned to you and the percentage of their contribution will be assigned to you.

We would expect our affiliates to have contributed to the campaign themselves. We would appreciate that you buy into what we are trying to achieve, and not simply use this as an opportunity for only your own gain.

How are SIO crowdfunding affiliates paid?2019-10-01T15:50:13+02:00

SIOTech World affiliates are paid via the PayPal payment platform. Affiliates, therefore, need to have a PayPal account. To obtain an account, simply go to the PayPal home page and create an account.

SIOTech World affiliates can view their current balance and request payment here on the Affiliate dashboard: Affiliate Dashboard

When do SIO affiliates get paid?2019-10-01T16:03:38+02:00

SIOTech World affiliates get paid on the 25th of every month once they have earned more than the baseline $50 USD in affiliate commissions.

In order to get paid SIOTech World affiliates need to have registered their PayPal account email address with SIOTech World.

SIOTech World Affiliates can track their current balance on the Affiliates Dashboard here : Affiliate Dashboard

Who do I contact if I have an investment or reward query?2019-10-25T18:07:18+02:00

Should you encounter any difficulties in making a contribution or receiving your reward please contact us at [email protected].

Please use “Contribution/Reward Query” as the subject of your query.

What are your Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Anti-spam policies?2019-09-05T17:04:24+02:00



Become Bitcoin and payments savvy!

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Become a Bitcoin and Payments Guru!

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Boost your online presence and brand awareness

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Partner with us to drive change

Jan, 2020

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Jacqueline Dziergwa $207.15 October 01, 2019
Karin Badenhorst $5.48 September 29, 2019
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Rachel Elizabeth $207.15 September 28, 2019
Riana Lewis $103.65 September 28, 2019
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Maureen Chambers $52.05 September 27, 2019
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Anthony Stachel $5.33 September 26, 2019
Tamsyn Groesser $5.33 September 26, 2019
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Andrew Margetts $5.33 September 25, 2019
Mark Brouwer $5.48 September 24, 2019
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Anonymous $100.00 September 23, 2019
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Andrew Margetts $5.48 September 17, 2019
Andrew Margetts $5.48 September 17, 2019
Anonymous $5.33 September 17, 2019
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Irlon Terblanche $5.48 September 05, 2019
Anonymous $5.00 September 04, 2019
Renee Terblanche $30.00 September 04, 2019
Julian Topkin $5.00 September 04, 2019
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