We at SIOTech World provide advisory services in the areas of cryptocurrency, finance and payments. However, most of our time is dedicated to building a revolutionary decentralized finance platform. SIO.

SIO is so much more than an app. It is a peer-to-peer finance platform that will enable anyone to easily tap into the untold wealth that is locked inside our global financial systems. It is a new economic system that will stop the silent erosion of our wealth that has been playing out for decades.

The payments and lending components of SIO have been successfully tested on the Bitcoin Testnet, but we are not stopping there!

Once completed, SIO will…

  • Enable anyone to send money to anyone (family members, suppliers or offshore investments), anywhere in the world;

  • Enable users to provide money transfer or corporate payment services for others, earning some income in the process;

  • Allow Bitcoin ‘hodlers’ (long-term holders), anywhere in the world to safely lend bitcoins to users of the app. We have created an integrated lending and transactional process that enables payment facilitators to start earning an income with minimal startup capital. At the same time, hodlers can earn interest on their long-term bitcoin holdings. You will not need to approach a bank for a business loan;

  • Allow unbanked people to send cash across borders without the need for a bank account;

  • Allow users anywhere in the world to help each other’s money to grow, based on Bitcoin price fluctuations. Up or down.

Our vision is to make the world a better place by leveraging our knowledge and skills in one of the greatest inventions from Computer Science. Bitcoin… Bitcoin technology allows for peer-to-peer payments between individuals, without the need for intermediating banks or card operators. Its smart contract capability allows for the disbursement of money under pre-programmed conditions. With this technology, we are building innovative new ways for everyone to participate in and benefit from the very lucrative financial services industry.

Our Services

The team at SIOTech World has the expertise and experience in banking, asset management, insurance, technology, cryptocurrency and a host of other areas to provide you with unbiased advisory services and practical solutions for your crypto-related endeavours.

Advisory services for regulators

We can help regulatory authorities navigate the murky crypto waters, understand the factual economic and technological fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and in the process assist with the formulation of consumer protection and other regulatory frameworks.

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Advisory services for investors or investment managers

With our in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals, we can assist you with long-term investment options as well as advise you on medium-term projections based on the market’s currently irrational evaluation of cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in participating or investing in an ICO, we can assist you with evaluating your options in this regard as well.

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Advisory services for start-ups

If you are starting a business venture in the cryptocurrency or blockchain space, we can assist you with the evaluation of your choice of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and assist with a business case or feasibility study to minimise your risk of business failure.

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Financial services today are very complex for the average person

This is true whether or not you are talking about banking, investments, credit or insurance.

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