SioTech World is Revolutionizing Global Finance with Bitcoin technology

We are at the beginning of a financial revolution. Our solution, SIO, leverages the power of Bitcoin and will reduce income inequality more than all the philanthropic efforts in the world combined.

Bitcoin tech can do to banks and payments what the Internet and email did to postal services and snail mail. And so much more…

How will Bitcoin technology change the world of finance?
How can you benefit from this financial revolution?

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin (not the blockchain!) is the most significant accomplishment in Computer Science to impact society since the creation of the Internet.
  • Bitcoin is both a currency and a payment processing network.
  • It is a digital form of cash, but unlike cash, cannot be counterfeited.
  • There is no individual, company, central authority or regulatory body in charge of the Bitcoin network.
  • It is impossible for any powerful corporation, bank or government to assume control of the network.
Why is Bitcoin so important?

Why Bitcoin? Are today’s financial services really so problematic that we need Bitcoin?

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Yes, it is problematic. For decades, vast sums of wealth have been insidiously redistributed away from unsuspecting savers and investors towards banks and other financial institutions around the world. This systemic, hidden redistribution of wealth that goes unnoticed is happening on a trillion-dollar scale.

Why build SIO on Bitcoin? Why not other blockchain solutions?

Bitcoin’s technology is better suited to overcome the challenges of today’s financial and monetary systems compared to other open and private blockchains.

Financial services are complex, costly, and fragmented across the globe. SIO will change this.

Financial systems are outdated and fragmented. Many intermediaries are involved. All their fees collectively make services such as cross-border payments expensive and erode investor’s investment returns to name a few.

Bitcoin technology enables direct peer-to-peer commerce across the globe without the need for any financial intermediaries.

Cross-border payments are costly
Investment returns are eroded by fees
Cross-border remittances are costly.
Fees compound annually and severely erode investment returns over time

Economic and monetary policies have on many occasions negatively impacted ordinary people

A more insidious characteristic of our current financial system is the gradual reduction of wealth that result from inflationary monetary policies. In many instances, monetary policies fail, leading to economic harm for individuals in countries like Zimbabwe or Venezuela.

Bitcoin technology provides the means for individuals to escape their domestic currency and hold foreign currency instead.

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Solutions and Services

The team at SIOTech World is using its expertise and experience in banking, payments, investments, technology, and cryptocurrency to build SIO. It is completely different from what traditional financial institutions or crypto start-ups have to offer. Our core objective is to build financial solutions that empower everyone.

SIO is a peer-to-peer finance platform that will enable anyone to easily tap into the untold wealth that is locked inside our global financial systems. It is a new economic system that will stop the silent erosion of our wealth that has been playing out for decades.

Because our focus is on the development of SIO, we can on exception basis, use our knowledge to provide unbiased advisory services and practical recommendations for your crypto-related endeavours. We do not support ICOs or STOs, and we are not convinced about the long-term viability of private blockchains.

Advisory services for regulators

We can help regulatory authorities navigate the murky crypto waters, understand the factual economic and technological fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and in the process assist with the formulation of consumer protection and other regulatory frameworks.

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Advisory services for start-ups

If you are starting a business venture in the cryptocurrency or blockchain space, we can assist you with the evaluation of your choice of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and assist with a business case or feasibility study to minimize your risk of business failure.

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Advisory services for investors, investment managers and pension funds wanting to invest in cryptocurrency

With our in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals, we can assist you with long-term investment options as well as advise you on medium-term projections based on the market’s currently irrational evaluation of cryptocurrencies.

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Bringing clarity and foresight to a potential financial revolution

Would you like to know how you or your organization could potentially be impacted by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies?

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