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Thus far, we have explored the challenges of traditional money and monetary systems, and how Bitcoin is a formidable alternative to traditional money. In this section, we explore a number of responses to traditional banking and money, outside of the Bitcoin space. In particular, we will cover:

    1. Other cryptocurrencies that aim to compete with Bitcoin as an alternative form of money.
    2. Why Ripple and Libra are not the appropriate solutions to our plight.
    3. Central Bank Digital Currencies
    4. Why banks cannot ‘blockchain’ themselves out of an inevitable future where they no longer dominate money and financial well-being.

Lastly, given all of the challenges that we have highlighted, what are people supposed to do? We are powerless against and stuck with a powerful financial and monetary system that enforces economic inequality. In this section, we will also provide limited insights into how the solution being built by SIOTech World provides an answer unlike anything the world has ever seen, and why there is nothing that the incumbents can do to stop it.

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